Digging into Joplin History

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Historic Murphysburg Preservation

“I’ve been wanting to go inside this house since I was a little kid.” The man in line in front of…

Route 66

Thousands of tourists travel historic Route 66 through Joplin each year. Are you one of them? I wasn’t.

Nature & History

When cabin fever runs rampant in my house here in Joplin, I become Doctor Mom and order one of the following…

Joplin History & Mineral Museum

Woolly mammoth fossils. Arrowheads. Glowing rocks. Where in Joplin can you see these cool items? At the Joplin Museum Complex in…

Carthage Civil War Museum

Did you know that the first full-scale land battle of the Civil War was fought near Carthage, Missouri? I didn’t.


There are several distinct districts in Joplin and, like pieces of fabric sewn together to make a quilt, these districts mesh…
Christine Smith


Christine Smith