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Get Creative: Weekend Fun Isn’t Just for Kids!

To me, the arrival of the weekend is like savoring a piece of rich, dark chocolate after a day of drinking…

First Thursday ArtWalk

There are a couple of monthly events in Joplin whose names are so similar that people – understandably – tend to…

Art Studios in Joplin

Have you ever wanted to make your own jewelry? A glass ornament? Ceramic dinnerware? Or maybe you’d like to paint your…

Jorge Leyva: Joplin’s World-Class Artist

His mission is to educate his town about “the importance of having something visual where people can participate and feel alive.”

George A. Spiva Center for the Arts

Did you know that Joplin is bursting at the seams with artistic talent?

Create N Sip Studios

Paint-and-sip galleries are popular right now, creating a new recreational niche.