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Event & Attraction Marketing Grant

The Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau (JCVB) budgets grant funding for the marketing of events and attractions that exhibit positive tourism potential to the Joplin area. These funds are to assist qualified organizations with the promotion of tourism activities striving to directly increase hotel/motel occupancy and create positive image building publicity for Joplin.

Qualifying Applicants

  • Not-for-Profit and For-Profit organizations may apply
  • Marketing effort must take place between November 1, 2020 & October 31, 2021
  • Applying Event or Attractions must hold all activities within 20 miles of Joplin city limits
  • Applying Event or Attractions must be open to the general public

An event is a single or multi-day gathering typically organized and staged by a civic organization or local business. The event is centered on celebrating some unique aspect of the community, the services of an agency, a historic person or milestone, culture or tradition, or local/national holiday. Events showing the greater ability to attract visitors from 70+ miles (one-way) outside of Joplin and retain a visitor in this area for at least 3-hours will have the better success at being funded.

A tourist attraction is a physical or cultural feature at a place that individual travelers or visitors experience for their specific leisure-related interests. These attractions typically offer natural or cultural value, historical significance, natural or formed beauty; offering amusement, leisure, adventure or educational value. A tourism attraction must show the ability to attract visitors from 70+ miles (one-way) outside of Joplin and retain a visitor in this area for at least 3 hours. This is to assist in broadening Joplin’s tourism reach by offering more destination experiences.

Grant Specifics

  • The JCVB awards $110,000 annually for this program.
  • Funding is awarded once throughout the year
  • A maximum of $25,000 for each Event and $15,000 for Attraction Marketing
  • All funding is on a reimbursement basis only

Mandatory Pre-Application Meeting

Whether an organization has applied or receives a JCVB grant in the past, every organization submitting a FY21 grant application must attend one mandatory pre-application meeting. This will give the organization insight into the JCVB efforts of promotion Joplin as a tourism destination and explain changes that have been made to this year’s grant program. Contact for CVB for dates/times.

Deadline & Submission

The effects COVID-19 has had on our Joplin lodging partners proportionately impacts the collection of the lodging tax, which is the funding source for the JCVB grant program. While it is our intent to fully fund the program in FY2021, there are changes in the application process.

As a grant program the best use of these funds are in marketing an event or attraction. For events, this means an active marketing campaign greater than 90 days ahead of the event date.

Though an organization is encouraged to submit their application as soon as possible, it is understood future planning could still be in the development mode. The following is a timeframe for submitting CVB FY21 grant applications, deadline and reviews by the CVB Advisory Board.

To apply submit 2 copies of the application, with support documents are required, plus your entire application as a PDF file on a Flash Drive. Application materials may be mailed or delivered to the JCVB at 602 S. Main Street, Joplin, MO 64801. Applications will not be accepted through email.


  • If an applicant cannot complete any or all portion(s) of the approved project for which funds have been allocated funding, the JCVB must be notified in writing immediately. Failure to comply with the required grant reporting may impact future funding decisions and allocations.
  • Surveys – If funding is awarded, the grant recipient will be required to survey attendees either on site during the or at hotel locations, electronically in the form of a post-event survey. Sample question can be provided by the JCVB. Event grant recipients are required to submit 50 completed surveys with their post-event summary.
  • Marketing Ad Approvals – All printed and online materials used for marketing and promotion that are being submitted for funding reimbursement must be approved by JCVB staff PRIOR to printing or submission to publication. Applicant must submit artwork with the art approval form and allow 5 business days for approval. Materials that have not received prior approval from JCVB staff will not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Budget Revisions – Budget revisions for grant funded items are allowed. However, the number of revisions per application is limited to 2. All budget revisions must be submitted in writing to Patrick Tuttle at ptuttle@joplinmo.org. Budget revisions must be approved by JCVB director. Revised budget items that have not been approved will not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursements – All items that are being submitted for reimbursement must be submitted with a reimbursement form. Reimbursements may be submitted intermittently throughout the planning process or in one package at the end of the event. Reimbursements must be submitted with proof of payment, a copy of the original vendor invoice and a copy of the ad or material (if applicable). NO DOCUMENTATION, No Reimbursement. Please allow 2 weeks for your reimbursement.
  • Hotel Tracking – The purpose of this grant program is to market Joplin as a tourist destination and ultimately generate overnight hotel stays. The Hotel Tracking component of an Event is vital to the reporting process. Applicants are encouraged to keep the hotels informed of their event.
  • Grant Summary – All Event applicants must submit a Grant Summary Form within 60 days of their event. All reimbursement requests must be submitted prior to submitting the Grant Summary Form. NO reimbursements will be accepted after the Grant Summary Form has been submitted. Submission of the Grant Summary Form indicates the conclusion of the contract between the JCVB and the Grant Applicant. Failure to comply with the reporting guidelines may jeopardize the Applicant’s ability to receive future funding through JCVB.
Event Marketing - It is the responsibility of each event to place their event information on the VisitJoplinMO.com Events Calendar and keep this information current as the event develops. Updates must be made no less than, 6 months, and 90, 60 and 30 days out from the event date(s), plus more frequent post the weeks before and of the event date. The JCVB can assist with developing a plan, but it is the event’s responsibility to stay engaged in marketing efforts. This is to include images, artwork, and text. A good marketing plan requires constant activity and should begin the day after the previous year’s event.
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