Murals at City Hall
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Murals at City Hall

Joplin at the Turn of the Century, 1896-1906: Painted by world-renowned American Regionalist artist Thomas Hart Benton, this is his only autobiographical work and one of his finest creations. This mural was the final piece that Benton signed, and it was dedicated to our city in 1973, on Joplin's 100th birthday.

Evolution of a Mural: Located on the mezzanine of City Hall, this exhibit traces the development of Benton's thought process as he designed his final mural. As one of Benton’s few remaining maquettes (sketches) known to exist, it includes rough drawings of this monumental work in progress.

Route 66 - Joplin, Missouri: Proving that talent runs deep in the family, Benton’s grandson Anthony Benton Gude created a mural to reflect another booming era in Joplin’s history. Gude’s mural highlights the mid-20th-century popularity of Route 66 and its impact on the vitality of Joplin’s Main Street, and was completed and dedicated in April 2010.

Free and open to the public Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and by appointment on the weekends.

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