George Washington Carver National Monument
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George Washington Carver National Monument

Have you heard of the Peanut Man? George Washington Carver was an agronomist who invented over 300 products made from peanuts, as well as products from other crops like sweet potatoes. Although he was born into slavery, Carver went to on to become an esteemed scientist, educator, and humanitarian.

Today, you can visit George Washington Carver National Monument, the 240-acre national park built in honor of this inventor. Located in Diamond, Missouri, about 15 miles southeast of Joplin, this is where Carver was raised, where he explored the surrounding woods and prairie, and where he envisioned his ideas.

The park's Visitor Center highlights Carver's contributuons to science, and includes a museum, theater, discovery center, and gift shop. Step outside and experience Carver's outdoor "lab" by walking the nature trails (one is paved) and visiting the 1881 Moses Carver house and Carver cementery.
Visiting George Washington Carver National Monument
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