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Press Releases

Fly Joplin! Third flight introduced in intervals

Traveling anytime soon? Be sure and check flights out of the Joplin Regional Airport. Recently American Airlines (AA) has made some changes that brings a third flight to the Joplin Regional Airport for various time periods in the next few months.

“We’ve been working with AA on various proposals, and were recently notified of this added flight at different intervals,” said Steve Stockam, Manager of the Airport. “We’ve been filling the current capacity on a regular basis, so to have these additional seats is a great opportunity for our market and our customers. We always encourage everyone to fly Joplin, and this third flight brings another possibility for travelers looking for options at the end of the business day.”

Currently Joplin Regional Airport has an additional flight to Dallas/Fort Worth in the evening with a 44-seat passenger jet through March 2. It will arrive in Joplin at 5:45 p.m. and depart for DFW at 6:15 p.m. This flight was added on February 15.

On March 3, the Airport returns to its two flights daily, with 76-passenger Embraer Regional Jet (ERJ-175), until April 3 when AA introduces a different time for the third flight with the same Embraer Regional Jet (ERJ-175) for 30 days. This flight will arrive in Joplin at 7 p.m. and depart at 7:30 p.m. It’s being offered until May 3.

From May 4 through June 6, Joplin Regional reverts to the previous two flights per day schedule with the 66 passenger Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-700. Then on June 7, additional seats again become available as AA brings back the ERJ 175 that offers 76 seats per flight. This aircraft will be utilized throughout the remainder of the summer.

“At first glance, this can be a bit confusing, however I believe that with American adding seats, either through additional flights or upgraded aircraft, this is a positive indicator for our market. How the market reacts to these changes will help them to understand possible service changes in the future. “

In 2017, the Joplin Regional Airport saw nearly a 30% increase in passengers. Stockam is pleased with this growth and is optimistic about the third-flight being offered on an interval basis.

“Last year American upgraded their aircraft allowing us more capacity and first-class accommodations,” he said. “Partner those with our free parking, convenient access to the terminal, and no long security lines, and our customers experience a top-notch airline service with convenience of being closer to home than other options.”

For more information about the Joplin Regional Airport and its flight service, go to . To schedule commercial flights, go to


Destination marketing can be challenging, especially for a locations such as Joplin that lacks a signature event, or is known for a highly traveled to themed attraction. While unique, smaller towns are becoming a rising vacation trend, advertising to the traveler, in both print and digital formats, takes creativity to stand out among similar advertisements for like destinations.

Through a partnership developed a little more than a year ago, the Joplin CVB has been working with local photographer Mark Neuenschwander (9Art Photography) and writer Lance Schaubert on a new concept that the trio hopes will spark interest to bring visitors to Joplin.

Using a genre for the digital age, Neuenschwander and Schaubert introduced Joplin to the concept of a digital photonovel through their first joint venture, Cold Brewed, in 2012. A photonovel is a story told through dramatic images and text, but the reader’s experience unfolds like the adventure of reading a novel, combined with the visual excitement of a graphic novel. The techie will appreciate reading a captivating story with just the roll of a mouse.

On January 19th the JCVB will be unveiling the photonovel tourism marketing project, entitled The Joplin Undercurrent, with a storyline which combines historical accuracies as well as fiction, otherwise known as faction. Composed in the same vein as films we love such as The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure, The Joplin Undercurrent photonovel will depict some of what Joplin is best known for, while intertwining both real-life citizens and fictionalized characters.

Unlike traditional tourism marketing this project will not directly say, “Visit Joplin”. We hope this more understated approach, geared to people entrenched in the digital age, will spark an interest in visiting Joplin because of a desire to immerse themselves in the story’s location, similar to the way that novels or movies bring destinations into pop-culture and become tourist attractions. Communities such as Forks, Washington created special tours for visitors who flock there to put themselves into the fictional settings of the Twilight Saga, and why after 27 years, baseball enthusiasts still travel to Dubuque County (Dyersville) Iowa to step upon (or play a game on) the field created for the 1989 movie Field of Dreams.

The Joplin Undercurrent is a story of a young man and former Joplinite named Lee, who returns home to visit his ailing; perhaps even dying, mother. But when Lee asks his uncle for a visiting time, his uncle refuses to let him see her Frustrated, Lee wanders downtown and meets two other out-of-towners – a historian of sorts and a geologist with a strange specialization. They come to protect Joplin from a coming disaster but to do so they’ll have to solve a mystery hidden in Joplin’s past. A mystery involving Lee’s mother.

The opening chapters will be released at starting January 19th with subsequent chapters released weekly.

The new age of tourism marketing is set to launch January 19th.

2015 Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America

Hideout Harley-Davidson, with the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau will hold a press conference at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 29th, to provide details of a sports-related, children’s charity event coming to the Joplin dealership.

Joplin has been selected as one of the rest-stops during the 2015 Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America. Hideout Harley-Davidson is one of only two H-D dealerships along the route to be visited. The Ride will be on their last day, ending in Branson, MO.

The annual ride is a fundraiser for Kyle Petty’s, North Carolina-based Victory Junction. In all there will be 125 riders accompanying Kyle. Other notable riders include: NASCAR drivers/legends Richard Petty, Matt Kenseth, Harry Gant and Donnie Allison; the NFL’s Herschel Walker; NBC hosts Rick Allen and Rutledge Wood. Other riders may be added along the Ride. The NASCAR’s Sprint Cup event will be held at the Kansas Speedway that weekend.

Full details of the local event and the Charity Ride media kits will be provided at the Press Conference.

Route 66 International Festival Movie Night Feature Announce

Through their social media site, Facebook/Route66JoplinMO, the Route 66 International Festival planning committee announced Monday the feature film for the August 1st Movie Night of the festival. The movie will be the Disney/Pixar computer-animated comedy-adventure film fictionally depicting life along a famous highway; CARS.

CARS is the 2006 film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by John Lasseter. The film has a story line that plays to the heart of Route 66 enthusiast. Several images depicted in the film were inspired by scenes right off Route 66, including local Kansas and Oklahoma sites.

In addition to the film, Pixar Studios will be providing life-sized replicas of the film’s stars Lightning McQueen and Mater. The Sheriff of Radiator Springs will be on hand to sign autographs and he will be looking to swear in young deputies. Children 12 and under will receive a picnic meal and a Route 66/CARS themed gift. Games, music and other activities prior to show time are being planned.

The Thursday Movie Night, which is the first event of the 3-day International Festival will be held at the Route 66 Drive-in Theatre near Carthage. Tickets for this event are limited to 370 and will be $25 a car load of 6 and will be sold through the festival web site ONLY. Tickets go on sale at 8:00 a.m., Monday, July 1st through at:, until they are sold out.

The Route 66 International Festival is a 3-day event dedicated to the history and preservation of historic Route 66. In addition to the movie the schedule includes concerts, tours and exhibits. The Main Street Marketplace (5th and Main Street, Downtown Joplin) will be the location for authors, artist, collectors and the 8 Route 66 state associations. Whether you are a seasoned Road Warrior or new to the Route 66 experience, this is the place to learn about the Mother Road. The Route 66 International Festival will be a great opportunity to meet with those people who are dedicated to the two-lane gray lady.

Fiscal Year 2013 Special Event Grant Funds Redistribution

The Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau Advisory announced today that FY13 Special Event Grant funds are available for redistribution. Two events which were awarded grant funding this past November will not be held, making $24,500 is available for redistribution.

According to Patrick Tuttle, Director of the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau (JCVB), “Applicants will follow the same rules that applied to the original process including a full description of event with the budget and the marketing plan.” Grants are to be completed and all documentation turned into the JCVB no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 5th. Tuttle added, “The Advisory Board will meet on June 7th to determine how the grant funds will be distributed. Once the board makes their selection the Joplin City Council must give final approval before the funds can be allocated.”

Eligibility requirements, guidelines and the application for this “redistribution” are available on the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureaus web site:, or by calling Patrick Tuttle, 417-625-4789. Grants from the JCVB follow a reimbursement process, with expenditures and documentation meeting specific criteria. Through its fiscal year budget the JCVB allocates $100,000 for the overall Special Event Grant program, but for this redistribution period, a single event can submit an application requesting up to $5,000.

Route 66 International Festival announces headliner

The Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau (JCVB) announced today that 60s/70s rock and roll mainstay THE GRASS ROOTS will headline the Route 66 International Festival this August in Downtown Joplin. The-3 day International Festival will be a celebration of the heritage of historical Route 66. In addition to the concert will be cultural performances, car show, Route 66 quilt exhibit, crafts and food vendors. Authors, artists and collectors of everything Route 66 will gather to share their passion for the history and preservation of the famed highway.

Since their formation in 1966 The Grass Roots have gone on to chart 29 singles; 13 of which went gold followed by 2 gold albums and 1 platinum album. In the entire history of Rock n’ Roll, only 9 bands (including The Beatles) have charted more hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 than The Grass Roots. For almost 50 years they have continued to be one of the most recognized groups on “Classic Rock” stations. During that time, the Grass Roots have averaged over 100 live performances each year. “Let’s Live for Today”, “Midnight Confessions”, “Sooner or Later”, “Temptation Eyes”, “Two Divided by One” and “Heaven Knows” are some of the bands Top 10 hits.

The official web site for The Grass Roots:

The Route 66 International Festival will be held August 1-3, 2013. Concerts are planned for two of the evenings. On Friday August 2nd, in Downtown Galena, Kansas (4 miles west of Joplin) THE ROAD CREW and THE DETECTIVES will perform. On Saturday August 3rd, in Downtown Joplin there will be performances on two stages. On the South Stage, presented by Monster Energy Drink will be CITY LIMITS and JESSE MCENTIRE. On the Main Stage, presented by Downstream Casino Resort will beWALRUS, THE ROAD CREW and THE GRASS ROOTS.

The actual performance times are still being worked. For up to date performance information stay connected with the official web site of the International Festival:

Fiscal Year 2014 Special Event Grant Applications Available

The Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau (JCVB) announced today that the guidelines and application for the Fiscal Year 2014 Special Event Grant are available. This grant is intended to develop or grow community events with the intention of increasing the number of guests to visit Joplin. Grants are to be completed and all support documentation turned into the JCVB no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 14th.

Eligibility requirements, guidelines and the application are available on the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureaus web site:, or by calling Patrick Tuttle, 417-625-4789.

Through its fiscal year budget the JCVB allocates $100,000 for the Special Event Grant program. A single event can submit an application requesting up to $20,000. The JCVB Advisory Board will meet in July to determine how the funds are distributed. Prior to the board’s determination, applicants can make short present presenting details of their event to support their application.

Missouri Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus (MACV

June 2-4, 2013
Missouri Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus (MACVB)

The Missouri Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus will be holding their Annual Convention in Joplin, June 2-4. This convention is open to the Missouri Convention and Visitor Bureaus, Missouri Travel Council and the Missouri Division of Tourism to discuss best practices, learn of new trends and hear of State Tourism initiatives.

For more details contact Lenny Brubaker, Joplin CVB Sales Director, 417-625-4789,

2013 Route 66 International Festival
August 1-3, 2013
2013 Route 66 International Festival

The Mother Road is calling the World to Joplin!
The Route 66 International Festival will be held in Joplin, Missouri, August 1-3, 2013. The Route 66 International Festival is where Roadies, as they are affectionately known, from around the world will meet to share their love and passion for the historic route which dates back to 1926.

The Joplin event will mark the first time The International has been held in Missouri. Most recently, in 2012, Victorville, California hosted the event and Amarillo, Texas was the site in 2011.

The festival will offer many different activities such as daily exhibits and tours, vintage car show which will showcase the impact Route 66 has had on the American fabric through transportation, and evening concerts. Artist, authors, crafters and collectors of all things Route 66 will participate in the Festival to share stories, ideas and enjoy the local Route 66 heritage.

The partner organization behind the Festival is the Route 66 Alliance a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and enhancement of historic Route 66 - past, present and future.
Event web
Event facebook page:
For more details contact Patrick Tuttle, Joplin CVB Director, 417-625-4789,
Route 66 Alliance:

Mother Road Marathon

October 13, 2013
Mother Road Marathon
6 Cities, 3 States, 1 Road…
The 4th Annual Mother Road Marathon will be held on Sunday, October 13th. Since the inaugural event in 2010 this event has grown in stature and interest. Consisting of a marathon (26.2 miles), a half-marathon (13.1 miles) and a 5K, the event celebrates our shared regional heritage along the famous Route 66. The marathon starts in Commerce, Oklahoma and the half-marathon starts north of Baxter Springs, Kansas. Both of these distant events finish at the Joplin Athletic Complex on the northwest corner of Schifferdecker Park. The 5K starts and finishes at the event finish line. Full details and registration are available through the event web site. Registration will close on October 7th.
Event web site:
For more details contact Patrick Tuttle, Joplin CVB Director, 417-625-4789,
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