"Rise of the Phoenix" Triptych Ceramic Mural (2014
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"Rise of the Phoenix" Triptych Ceramic Mural (2014)

“From ground to cupboard,” this is the story of making pottery, as told through the three-panel ceramic mural on the building which houses Phoenix Fired Art, a community clay studio. Created by artist artist Trent Tally, the left panel shows the initial stages of making pottery – digging for clay, rolling and slabbing, and then sculpting. The large center panel demonstrates the firing and glazing process, and features the “Hot Pots Brigade,” the community group which gathers at Phoenix Fired Art during Joplin’s Third Thursday events to unload the kiln. The right panel completes the last steps in the journey of a single sculpted pot: the sophisticated Raku firing, the display of a finished piece, and finally the selection, purchase, and use of a pot which ultimately holds a handmade meal.
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