Grand Falls
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Grand Falls

Known as the largest continuously flowing natural waterfall in Missouri, Grand Falls is a must-stop-photo-op for visitors. Located on Shoal Creek, just a few minutes downstream from Wildcat Park, “The Falls” plunges 12 feet down a 163-foot-wide ledge of solid chert before crashing into jagged crags and then flowing peacefully to the south.

Detour – effective Summer 2019

DIRECTIONS to Grand Falls (cars, motorcycles, and smaller modes):
from Main Street turn onto 44th STREET (west) (at Steve’s Trading Post). Follow 44th Street for 3/10 of a mile, intersecting with Jackson Avenue. Turn left (south) onto Jackson Avenue. Stay ½ mile on Jackson. Ahead will be “Low Water Bridge”. Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn right (west) onto Riverside Drive. Staying on Riverside Drive for approx. 1-mile, Grand Falls cascades will be on the right (west) side of the road. Parking at the Falls is limited and unpaved. There are no facilities.
Leaving the Falls, reverse these directions back to Main Street OR continue along Riverside Drive to the south. As the grade increases uphill, the road becomes Dove Drive.
Continue up the hill to the summit to Deer Drive to the right (west) to return to I-44 (exit 4) or to the right on Coyote/Schifferdecker Avenue, back into Joplin/Route 66.
Continue up the hill to the summit Dove Drive curves to the left, downhill and back to the Low Water Bridge, Jackson Avenue, 44th Street, then Main Street.

Directions to Grand Falls (RVs & higher clearance vehicles) (note: significant hills):
From Interstate 44 take Joplin exit #4. Drive north to Deer Drive which is the next right after Love’s truck stop entrance. Turn right (east) onto Deer Drive for just under a mile. Deer Drive will “T” with Dove Drive. Take Dove Drive to the left (north). Dove Drive is a significant downhill to the Falls. As the hill levels off Dove Drive turns into Riverside Drive, and the Falls will appear on the left (west).
Leaving the Falls, continue along Riverside Drive (north & east) for approx. 1-mile. At a 4-way intersection “low water bridge” will be to the right (north). There turn right (south) onto Deer Drive for 1.2 miles returns to the Deer/Dove interchange atop of the hills. Then, turning left on Deer Drive the road will intersect with Coyote, just behind Love’s truck stop, then on left (south) to Joplin Interstate 44 Exit #4, or right (north) to historic Route 66.

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