Coffee Shops in Joplin

I’m lured by her sweet song more often than I care to admit.


Like countless others, I’m drawn to the irresistible sound of the siren that calls to me, enticing me with her assortment of caffeinated beverages nearly everywhere I go.


coffee starbucks


But, she’s beginning to bore me.


So I’ve been searching for alternatives for my Starbucks’ fix and I’ve found these coffee shops in Joplin that not only satisfy my caffeine craving, they offer a taste of local flavor, too.


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Local Coffee Shops


Bearded Lady Roasters,  218 South Main Street

Bearded Lady’s owner Adam Francis roasts his own coffee beans, and is known for his excellent batch-brew coffee – his robust espresso drinks are pretty amazing, too.


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Bearded Lady Roasters also shares its space with Frosted Cakerie, which provides a small variety of baked goods to the coffee shop every day, and once a week, fills its case with cupcakes, cookies, and other treats to sell to the public on Walk-In Wednesdays.


Caroline’s, 1027 South Main Street

Coffee or ice cream? Ice Cream or coffee? How about both?


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Located on the first floor of the historic Gryphon Building, Caroline’s is a traditional ice cream parlor that also doubles as a coffee bar, serving hand-roasted, small batch coffee from Onyx Coffee Lab of northwest Arkansas.


The Coffee Shop at Joplin Greenhouse2820 East 32nd Street

For many years, Joplin Greenhouse has been supporting local businesses by carrying their products, and it continues to do so in The Coffee Shop. It was actually here that I tried a Dark Chocolate Cortado for the first time, and it was made with espresso from Bearded Lady RoastersThe Coffee Shop also serves coffee from Cottage Small Coffee Roasters from the nearby town of Carthage.


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What pairs well with a cup of great-tasting coffee? A puffle! Try one at The Coffee Shop, the only place in town that serves this slightly sweet, puffed waffle treat.


Joplin Avenue Coffee Company, 506 South Joplin Avenue

When I’m craving a traditional coffeehouse atmosphere, I’ll head downtown to Joplin Avenue Coffee Company. With its eclectic vibe, hip clientele, study nooks, and extensive list of caffeinated drinks, JACC makes for a cool writing spot.


coffee jac front


Zinc Coffee, 1825 South Main Street

Uniquely housed inside a former service station, Zinc Coffee is clean, bright, and cheerful, even on the gloomiest of days – a perfect spot in which to enjoy a high-quality, thoughtfully crafted beverage.


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If you’re short on time, keep your motor running and take advantage of Zinc’s convenient drive-through to get your coffee on the go.


With so many local options for getting my coffee fix in Joplin, I can finally break off my (overly dependent) relationship with Starbucks.


So long, Siren.



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