Christine’s Vineyard

Welcome to my vineyard.


Christine’s Vineyard.


Okay, well maybe it’s owned by a different Christine, but I’d still like to claim this little slice of heaven as my own.


Located about 15 minutes north of downtown Joplin, this winery is nestled in the quaint countryside. Here, a tasting room and patio are surrounded by a vineyard, mature trees, and a tranquil pond, offering visitors a serene landscape to admire while sipping a glass of wine.



Time spent here is pure relaxation and bliss.


Part of me wants to tell everyone I know about Christine’s Vineyard; the other part wants to keep quiet so I can have this idyllic place all to myself.


But ultimately, I want to support the business that Christine and Greg Edmund have worked diligently to create, so get comfy because I’m going to tell you all about it.


When the Edmunds purchased their home in 2016, their land came with 10 acres that were partially planted with grapes. So, they decided to dabble in making their own wine.



Their little hobby morphed into a bona fide business when they opened their tasting room in 2019, right behind their home.



Here, visitors are able to sample the results of their labor: tending to the growing grapes, then harvesting and processing them.



My husband Travis and I were fortunate to visit the vineyard on a picture-perfect Saturday this fall. We sat outside on the patio so that we could luxuriate in the warm, mild air.



As a bonus, we were treated to the folksy rock music of Jason Kinney, who was playing live at the vineyard that night. The vineyard regularly hosts live music and special events, and you can find a schedule of those here.


The Edmunds’ sweet dogs, Molly and Daisy, relished being near so many humans. They were never bothersome toward the patrons, and only came over when coaxed. Otherwise, they were content to just chill.



Just like me.


The atmosphere at Christine’s Vineyard is laid-back, versatile, and inclusive.



It’s a perfect venue for a girls’ night out, a romantic date, or an afternoon with the family, where the kids can roam the grounds and play with the dogs while mom and dad unwind for a bit.


This vineyard is also a part of Ozark Mountain Wine Trail, which includes wineries in the Springfield, Missouri, area, as well as Keltoi Winery, located just ten minutes away (and definitely worth stopping at).



On our first visit to Christine’s Vineyard, Travis and I decided that the best way to sample the wine was to order a flight. We ordered the 6-glass flight, which allowed us to try all of the red wines produced here. The grape varieties grown at Christine’s Vineyard are Chambourcin, a French-American hybrid grape, and Norton, the state grape of Missouri (did you even know we had a state grape?).



Both grape varieties produce dry wines with notes of berries and spice. At Christine’s Vineyard, they are then aged in barrels made from either American oak or French oak; one wine is aged in both, and one wine is not aged in oak at all.



All of the wines at Christine’s Vineyard are named after poker hands, and after tasting the wines in our flight, I settled on Jack High Straight as my favorite. This wine is made from the Chambourcin grapes, and aged in both American oak and French oak barrels.



My second favorite wine was King High Straight, also made from Chambourcin grapes and aged in French oak. And, guess what? It won a silver medal at the 2019 Missouri Wine Competition!


“That’s great that the wines here are award-winning,” you might say, “but the thought of drinking dry wine makes my mouth pucker.” Do not worry, my friend.



Christine’s Vineyard has wine on tap from another Missouri vineyard, St. James Winery, including its Velvet Sweet Red, Velvet White, Blackberry Fruit Wine, and Moscato. Craft and domestic beers, soft drinks, and water are also available.


If you’re hungry, you can order an artisan meat-and-cheese platter, or chips and salsa. The Edmunds do have plans to expand their food offerings in the near future.


We happened to be at Christine’s Vineyard on a night when they brought in a food truck, and it just happened to be from one of my favorite restaurants in Joplin: El Taco Loco.



After a while, we decided to explore the grounds. As we walked around the pond, we watched with fascination as the setting sun reflected off of distant storm clouds, creating a marked line that left half of the clouds glowing pink, while the other half remained in shadow.



It felt dreamlike being underneath that painted sky, glass of wine in hand, feeling totally relaxed.



We extended our peaceful time by the pond by sitting on the swing and talking as we finished our wine: no phones, no kids, no interruptions.


Just the two of us connecting.


It was a perfectly romantic evening.



Christine’s Vineyard is located at 25695 Mulberry Road, Webb City, MO. Click here to visit its website, and here to follow its Facebook page.


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