Magpies Pie Company

One glance at the rows of enticing, artfully decorated sweets in the glass case and I know I’m a goner.


“You know, I blame you for my inevitable weight gain,” I say to the woman standing behind the counter. She’s Taylor Quezada, one of the owners of Magpies Pie Company, and she’s testing my willpower with her irresistible baked goods.


Naturally, my willpower crumbles, and I leave Magpies with an assortment of treats to sample.


Then it happens again the next week. Then the week after that.


Even though Magpies is only open on Thursdays and Fridays, I’ve somehow found a way to rearrange my schedule to make visiting there a regular occurrence since first discovering the shop in October. It’s like now that I know about it, I can’t not know.


Magpies opened in May 2018, and is located in a strip mall across from Joplin High School.


Charlee, Cindy, and Taylor


Here, Taylor, her sister Charlee Keeton, and their mother Cindy Wagner bake away the days, using tried-and-true family recipes to create sweets in the completely nut-free facility (Taylor and several of her family members have nut allergies). My daughter has a severe peanut allergy, and it’s reassuring to know that she can have anything on the menu here without being concerned about unexpected nuts or cross-contamination in any of the items.


In fact, one of Magpies most popular items is a nut-free version of pecan pie called Lost Pecan Pie. How can you bake a pecan pie without its most essential ingredient? The ladies at Magpies have figured out how.


Their Lost Pecan Pie, made with crunchy pretzels instead of pecans, presents a perfect combination of salty/sweet which everyone in my family agrees is actually tastier than traditional pecan pie.


Other popular pies here include Coconut Cream and Red Tart Cherry (which delivers a nice tang).


You can buy a whole pie, a mini pie, or a slice. Here’s a mini pumpkin pie, creatively topped with pastry shaped like a Magpie.


So, what’s with the magpies anyway? Taylor told me that when the family was talking about opening a pie shop, her husband had looked up the history of pie and learned about its association with the word magpie (click here for a quick, informative read about it). The word magpie struck a chord with the family; an idea for the bakery’s logo formed, and everything else fell into place.


Pies aren’t the only sweets you’ll find at Magpies. There are also homestyle cakes, “the kind that Grandma used to make,” according to Cindy. I’ve tried the popular Strawberry Cake…


…and the fall-favorite, the Pumpkin Roll, and found both to be fresh and moist.


Other must-tries here are the cheesecake bites, which come in creative flavors like S’mores, Hot Chocolate, Carrot Cake, and Creme Brulee, just to name a few.



You can play some serious mind-games with your willpower to convince yourself that, because these are bite-sized, the calories in them don’t really count.




Please tell me that the calories really don’t count…


Other treats here include monstrous cinnamon rolls, brownies, and cookies, like Swig Cookies, which are rich, buttery cookies topped with creamy frosting.


Magpies also takes special orders and offers catering services. Click here for more info.


Well, I’ve got to run now.




I’ve got some calories to burn off.



Magpies Pie Company is located at 801 E. 20th St., Suite 5. Click here to visit its website, and here to see the weekly specials on its Facebook page.


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