The Girlfriend’s Guide to Joplin Trails

Ding.   My gaze shifted from my laptop screen over to my phone where a message illuminated my home screen: Looking forward to Happy Hour.   I smiled as I typed my response: Only two more hours!   Happy Hour was dangling in front of me like a carrot that Friday afternoon, driving me to finish … Continue reading “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Joplin Trails”

North Heights Porchfest

I remember the days when I’d spend an hour fixing my hair and putting on makeup, then I’d slip on a sassy pair of heels, stuff a tube of lipstick, some cash, and my phone into a tiny – yet fashionable – clutch purse, grab my girlfriends, and head downtown to listen to a band, … Continue reading “North Heights Porchfest”

Girls’ Weekend in Joplin: The Great Outdoors

There are times when the planets align and miraculous things happen.   For me, that was last weekend.   My husband went out of town to visit a college friend, and my girls were spending quality time with their grandparents, so I had the house all to myself.   My family sure knows what to … Continue reading “Girls’ Weekend in Joplin: The Great Outdoors”

Geocaching in Joplin

My husband Travis and I both work at home.   Somehow, our marriage has survived 7 years of this arrangement.   Maybe it’s because every day I sequester myself in my daughter’s bedroom with my laptop to write while she’s at school, and her room is on the opposite side of the house from where my … Continue reading “Geocaching in Joplin”

Girls’ Weekend in Joplin

Back in 1982, the bubbly all-girl rock band, the Go-Go’s, released a song that I immediately adopted as my holiday anthem.   Vacation, all I ever wanted Vacation, had to get away   The Go-Go’s showed me that spending time with my girlfriends could be a blast; in the video for their song “Vacation,” I … Continue reading “Girls’ Weekend in Joplin”

Keltoi Winery

You wouldn’t think you’d find it here, right in the middle of farmland in southwest Missouri.   But here it is.   Its bright yellow building acts like a beacon for visitors, letting them know that their quest has come to a fruitful end on this quiet country road.   Like a pot of gold … Continue reading “Keltoi Winery”

Club 609

Regardless of whatever music is playing on the speakers, whenever I walk through the doors of Club 609, this is what I hear playing in my head:   Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your name And they’re always glad you came   If you were around in the ‘80s, then you’re probably … Continue reading “Club 609”

Red Onion Cafe

When a restaurant has been in operation for longer than the length of time that I’ve lived in Joplin (which is now almost two decades), that says something.   In such a fickle industry, owning a successful restaurant since 1995 says, “We’ve figured out the magic formula! We’ve listened to you, our people, and we … Continue reading “Red Onion Cafe”