Frosted Cakerie

In this age of 24/7 accessibility, we feel impatient if we can’t get something right away. But there’s a lot to be said about learning to wait. There’s a buildup of excitement and anticipation, and when we finally do get the thing that we were longing for, we appreciate it more.


That’s how I feel about the baked treats from Frosted Cakerie. When I take a bite of one of the cupcakes, cookies, or other sweets from this bakery, I savor it just a bit more because I know that these goodies are only available to the public once a week on Walk-In Wednesdays.



During the rest of the week, Kristen Scheafer, owner of the bakery, tantalizes us with Instagram photos of the yumminess to come the following Wednesday; that is, when she’s not busy creating custom cakes for clients (which are the mainstay of her business). Her modern cakes, with creative designs and unique color palettes, are works of art – and they taste amazing, too! This winning combination is what has made Frosted successful since opening in 2016.



I visited Frosted on a recent Walk-In Wednesday. It shares a space with Bearded Lady Roasters, which roasts and serves some of the best coffee in Joplin. Pairing a coffee shop with a bakery is a brilliant move.



On the day I popped in, Bearded Lady Roasters was celebrating its first birthday (at that location), and Frosted was celebrating its fourth birthday (for which Kristen made these adorable cannoli).



There was a party going on in the display case, too, with sprinkles adding extra flair to the baked goods.



The offerings at Frosted change weekly, and sometimes there are even vegan and gluten-free options to try.


I decided to pick out a variety of things to bring home for me and my family to share, including the prettiest lemon doughnut I’ve ever seen.



I also chose a Pink Champagne cupcake (one of Frosted’s most popular flavors). The cake was a pretty blush color, and the delicious champagne buttercream was topped with a dusting of glitter and sprinkles.



I also brought home one of the popular – and gigantic – lemon cookies. I loved the shortbread-like consistency, and the nice balance of sweetness and tartness.



My kids devoured the Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich first. This sinful creation consisted of two cookies held together with a layer of buttercream frosting.



We loved our goodies so much that I came back two days later, on a Friday, to take advantage of Frosted’s Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Shop. I snagged one of the Red Velvet cupcakes to share with my husband that night.


The moist, red cake was topped with heavenly Milk & Honey cream cheese frosting made with locally sourced milk from Edgewood Creamery.



Other local products are available to purchase in the Frosted/Bearded Lady Roasters shared space, including coffee, honey, and pottery, like this cake stand – which would be perfect for displaying lovely Frosted treats.



But, be warned. Those irresistible sweets will disappear quickly, leaving you staring at a cake stand covered in crumbs.


But at least it’s a pretty cake stand.




Visit Frosted Cakerie on Walk-In Wednesdays at 218 South Main Street. Click here to view Frosted’s website, or follow Frosted on Facebook and Instagram.


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Bearded Lady Roasters

It’s a pretty special thing to watch a business grow, to see an idea emerge into reality, then expand and thrive as people recognize its worth in their world.


I’ve seen this with Bearded Lady Roasters. Owned by Adam Francis, a man who is skilled in the art of roasting coffee beans, Bearded Lady Roasters’ products were first introduced to me, and many other Joplinites, at a Third Thursday celebration a few years ago. Third Thursday is a downtown event featuring art, music, and food. Local vendors can rent booths to showcase their goods, and that’s when I first tasted the good-tasting goods of Bearded Lady Roasters.



A couple years later, I was having a coffee at The Coffee Shop at Joplin Greenhouse, a shop which utilizes and promotes local vendors. I was blown away by the robust flavor of the cortado I ordered, and I asked what brand of coffee was used in my drink.


It was Bearded Lady Roasters.


Then, in 2019, it happened. Bearded Lady Roasters opened a brick-and-mortar store on Main Street in downtown Joplin.



Finally, an abstract idea had become a physical reality.


Bearded Lady Roasters’ coffee shop gives off a chill vibe with its simple and stylish interior.



With a mix of lounge seating for socializing, tables and chairs for enjoying a bite to eat before the work day, and a row of seating along one wall (with ample outlets available) that’s perfect for students and mobile workers like me, Bearded Lady Roasters offers an environment that welcomes a variety of patrons.



There are even seats at the coffee bar itself where you can get a close-up view of Adam working his craft.



His single batch brews are legendary among coffee connoisseurs. On the day I visited, he was featuring Ethiopia Golocha (with notes of blueberry, honey, lavender, and chocolate), and Colombia El Tigre (with notes of dark chocolate, cherry, and lemon.


The day I was there also happened to be the celebration of one year of being in business at this location, so the featured drink was the Birthday Cake Latte, which I had to try because you can’t go to a birthday party without having some cake – or in this case, its liquid equivalent.


The latte had the same robust flavor that I’ve come to expect with Bearded Lady Roasters. Plus, it had sprinkles. A party in a cup!



Bearded Lady Roasters shares a space with Frosted Cakerie, a bakery which focuses primarily on making custom cakes, but on Wednesdays Frosted fills its display case with cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goodies to sell to the public. Frosted also supplies a selection of baked goods to Bearded Lady Roasters each day.


Lemon Poppyseed Muffins, Blueberry Streusel Muffins, White Chocolate Raspberry Scones, London Fog Scones, and Cinnamon Knots were available at Bearded Lady Roasters on the day that I went.



There was also a savory Bacon, Spinach, and Cheese Muffin, which I ordered to have for breakfast, along with my latte.



You can order traditional espresso drinks at Bearded Lady Roasters, or you can try one of their seasonal flavored coffee drinks. This winter’s flavors included The Log Cabin, made with espresso, maple syrup, and cocoa, and Winter Tonic, made with espresso, and elderberry and juniper tonic.



Bearded Lady Roasters also serves tea. Try one of the tea lattes, or the iced green or berry hibiscus teas.


When the weather is warmer, sample the refreshing seasonal lavender lemonade. It’s my daughter’s favorite summertime drink.


If you find yourself getting hooked on Bearded Lady Roasters’ coffee (and it’s likely that you will) but you can’t make it to the shop for your daily cup, you can buy some bags of coffee and bring them home, like the popular Espresso and Honduras varieties.




While you’re picking up some beans to bring home, check out the other local goods for sale at the shop, including coffee-brewing supplies, a variety of teas, local pottery,



and honey from Alchemist Haven (perfect for sweetening a cup of tea).



I’m glad I happened to be at Bearded Lady Roasters on the one-year anniversary at its current location. Seeing the coffee shop filled with patrons showed how much the community supports Adam and his mission to bring well-crafted coffee to Joplin.


We appreciate you, Adam, and your thriving business!



Bearded Lady Roasters is located at 218 South Main Street. To see its Facebook page, click here; to see its Instagram page, click here.


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